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✨Take Control of Your Inner Life by Updating THIS✨

It's been said that we all have an essential question which guides our inner lives, thus, our every action. This question is subconscious, we often don't even know it's a part of our coding. And in most cases, we didn't choose it willingly. Some of us have primarily healthy questions: How can I make a difference? or What is there to learn here? And some times we have unhealthy guiding questions like Why do I always feel unsatisfied? or Why do bad things always happen to me? or Why am I never enough? Either way, these subconscious questions steer our lives in ways we're aware of and not.

I recently uncovered that my past guiding question was How can I make an impact? For me, this question has both positive and negative implications. The beauty of the question is clear. It's guided me to do great things for other people, as well as myself. But the challenge of this question is that if I am not making an impact on a regular basis, I feel insignificant. In effect, I can't just BE and feel satisfied. I always have to be working towards something, doing something...making an impact. So, I changed my question.

I want to take back the power of my own life and live with a little more grace. I want to settle into being exactly who I am and being happy with her, without having to "make an impact" at all moments. So my new question is: HOW CAN I EXPERIENCE EVEN MORE TRUST THAT THE UNIVERSE IS WORKING IN MY FAVOR? Something about this question feels incredibly freeing to me. I have experienced moments of grace, "coincidence," and the feeling that everything comes into my life for a reason, both beautiful moments and challenging ones. I want to open myself up to seeing this even more. I want to take away this sick need to accomplish in order to feel worthy, and settle into enjoying the boundless wisdom that is already around me. Trusting allows me to do so. So I ask you, what is your Primary Question? Is it serving you? Stifling you? Does it need an update?

Here are 3 tips to consider when creating your updated and inspiring Essential Question:

1. Include EVEN MORE in your wording. This assumes gratitude in what you're already experiencing, and calls your subconscious to bring awareness to what you'd like to see, experience, feel even more of.

2. Use an active word, ie: EXPERIENCE, OFFER, SHARE, SEE, FEEL, DO, etc. when crafting your question to better see measurable results in your life.

3. Your question should make you feel great. Like "ah yes, THIS is the inspiration I've been seeking. THIS is what will continue to drive my healthy evolution."

Happy questioning!

Love, Brie

*This is a repost from 2017 that's received so much inquiry, I had to share again. It's a GREAT practice to revisit on the regular...

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