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Want to live with more purpose? Try this...

What is your purpose in life?

Say it aloud right now. Does it come to mind easily, or do you have to pause and think?

Sometimes it’s tied to the work we do. Often times, it’s not. Creating a personal mission statement allows us to find real clarity around how we share our gifts with the world.

When first met with the idea of coming up with a personal mission statement, it took me a while to hone in on what mine was. I knew what I cared about and how I wanted to contribute to our world. But could I verbalize it? With concrete, crystal-like clarity? Not exactly.

Creating a personal mission statement was a game changer for me. I’ve never hit a goal I didn’t make, delivered on a dream I didn’t specify, or followed through on an action I didn’t at first plan, and then get to work on.

Living our lives with purpose and clear mission, and being able to communicate it with confidence, allows us to feel a real sense of power and connectedness to why we are here.

On our Women’s Self-Discovery Retreats, attendees experiment with personal mission statements.

Companies have them, government organizations, even families have them. What about individuals? Try this out and see what you think:

The purpose of my life is to BE: _________________________________, to EXPERIENCE: ____________________________________________________ and to DO: ___________________________________________________________ for myself and others.

Here’s mine: The purpose of my life is to BE a light to others, to EXPERIENCE the wisdom of each moment, and to DO creative and emotional work for myself and others.

It’s broad, but it represents me, entirely. Avoid saying something like: the purpose of my life is to “be a mother” or “be a lawyer” or “a real estate agent.” This is too specific and limiting.

We are bigger than our roles.

What is the essence of what you’re trying to say? What is the feeling you want to create? You’ll know you’ve got it right when it FEELS incredible, when it feels like you. Here are a few tips:

  • Use active statements “be, do…”

  • Keep your concepts broad

  • Stay in the positive

  • Include yourself and others

  • Be able to be experienced each day

  • Be brief!!!

  • Eliminate universals: always, never

  • Use emotionally triggering words

  • Make you feel powerful, alive and happy!

I use this statement both when I am considering big decisions, and when I need to right myself if I’m sinking into petty thoughts. Something about having this statement in place holds me to the highest version of myself. And there is no better place to live from than this.

Try creating your own statement and see how you can live with clarity from the very best version of yourself.



*Content originally published on Greyzone.

Interested in digging deeper into personal mission statements? Then….

March 16-23, 2019


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