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How to Promote Feminine Power

What kind of relationships do you have with other women? Do you speak kindly of them behind their backs? Are you a supporter? Do you keep your expectations in check? How would your female friends describe you? How do you handle conflict with the women in your world?

Feminine power comes from how we treat the women in our lives right now....both the ones we adore, AND the ones who challenge us.

I believe one of our greatest gifts as women is what we give, and how we support each other. We women are the great sharers and spreaders of consciousness, ideas and more; we are so incredibly communal.

This business is sure teaching me a thing or two about what it means to be supported by women. I want to thank YOU for being a part of this evolving community and helping me spread the word. I can't tell you how deeply thankful I am for you.

The Challenge:

1. Choose one women who supports you right now. Reach out and tell her why you appreciate her.

2. Think of one woman who could use your support and see what you can offer, however big or small.

Here's to spreading and sharing our real power.



Looking for a more meaningful community?

March 16-23, 2019

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