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Here's Why Self Care is NOT Selfish

I brought my youngest son to preschool this morning with the intention of having him stay for the full day. "I don't want to stay all day, Mom, just half! I wanna be with you."

My kids had a four day weekend and I desperately need some time to take care of myself. But still, when he said it, I immediately felt guilty for leaving him. As I sit here now, I am pondering if I should just pick him up early.

Arg. It hurts my heart.

I don't know about you, but I often feel like I have to justify taking care of, or putting myself first. Logically, I KNOW I am a better me for all those around me if I take care of myself. But engrained in me is this take-care-of-everyone-first pattern.

Does this ever happen for you? How do you handle it?

Here's a little video of exactly this. Let's see if I can listen to my own dang advice today, ya'll! Wish me luck...

Take care of yourself by...

March 16-23rd

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