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Your crazy monkey mind

Mine too...

I went hiking this morning because I couldn't get out of my head. My mind jumped from thought, to task, to to-do list item at lightning speed. My heart raced, my head felt anxious, and my stomach was nauseous. My monkey mind swung like crazy from branch to branch. I had to do something to change this flow. Our minds left untended (or even tended) can be like dirty politicians spewing off all kinds of nasty tweets without our control. But our bodies do not lie. They are the truth tellers we seek but so frequently ignore. Are we sick? Overtired? Overweight? Low on energy? Anxious? Our society would like to tell us these are conditions that must be immediately medicated. But these indicators are communications from the oracle that holds our truths if only we choose to listen. Deep down we know what to do if we listen to the signs of our body. But making the right choices does not always 'jive' with our lifestyle. It's not always convenient to go to bed earlier, cut back on alcohol, require ourselves to exercise, step away from an unhealthy group of friends, and on and on. Part of our journey while on retreat encourages a dropping down from the mind space, to the natural and intuitive space of the body. What happens when we let our bodies guide us as opposed to our constantly fluctuating mind? Where have we stored unresolved emotion in our physical form and how can we free it? What happens in our body when we say "yes" but we really mean "no"? We cannot always nurture ourselves every day the way we can on retreat. But we can develop a mindset of inquiry that bring us into our bodies and helps settle our monkey minds. May we continue to be guided by the wisdom in our bodies that is inherently available to us.

My fav ways to combat MONKEY MIND in under 10 min

  1. BREATH: Take five deep breaths sitting with feet on the floor, eyes closed and palms up. Even if you're with friends. Even if you're in public. Even between calls.

  2. GO OUTSIDE: Let the sun touch your face. If it's cloudy, watch the clouds passing by. Nature shows us how to trust the pace of life and humbles us.

  3. ENERGIZE: Dance in front of the mirror with your theme song playing.

  4. PRIME: Meditate before checking your email first thing in the morning. Set the stage for the kind of day YOU want, not ruled by the constant needs of others

  5. WRITE: Journal and let it all out on paper, then reclaim focus.

February 10-17, 2018

Nosara, Costa Rica

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