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Million Woman March with my mom and daughter- Denver, Colorado

In large part what inspired my desire to start a women's retreat now is the recent election result. As many of us were, I was completely gutted by the results.

For days I wallowed in a deep feeling of betrayal and sadness. How could my beliefs be so far off from so many? I had dreamt about waking my daughter up that morning the results came in to tell her that finally, a woman was president. See? She could be anything.

Alas, it was not to be.

Months later, I still feel the shock. And reading the paper day after day, I cannot believe some of the decisions that are being made on my behalf.

If there is any silver lining (and I've had to dig deep) it's that I feel a strong pull for the women of our time to ban together and to bring our gifts out into the world. We must push ourselves out of dormancy for the sake of the whole. Our highest presence is needed desperately right now.

We women are the teachers, healers, knowers and seekers of our time and of our families, no matter the title we give our day jobs. We come from generations of women who have died in birth, served only others, been excluded from positions of power and more. We've been undervalued and underestimated for generations.

But the women before us, their sacrifices were not in vain. May we step into what we are called to do with a deep understanding of our own worth. May we show up with presence, feminine power and authenticity. May we come together to heal, to know ourselves and to lead our country that yearns for our gifts and our modeling. Those of us on the inner path are needed now.

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