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DREAM Packing List

This is merely a suggested list.  Please be sure to pack for your own needs when considering a beach/yoga vacation.  Also note that there is a pharmacy and gas station near the resort, but a larger town is 40 minutes away.

This is a LIVE document.  I will continue to add items up until two weeks prior to our retreat.  Please be sure to check back!

  • Comfortable yoga clothes for 6 days 

  • Comfortable daily clothes for non-yoga times (shorts, skirts, tank-tops, comfy dresses) *Most participants wear yoga/comfortable clothes during the day, and shower and change into something nicer for dinner, though of course not required.  Be comfy!

  • 1-2 swimsuits

  • cover-up 

  • sunscreen

  • a hat of some kind

  • bug spray 

  • Aloe, lotion, calamine lotion, turmeric lotion (for bites)

  • Cardigan, hoodie or light jacket for nights

  • A shawl or wrap for nighttime workshops

  • Rain jacket and small umbrella

  • undergarments + socks

  • toiletries + makeup

  • relevant medications or supplements

  • traveller's diarrhea (over the counter) support..just in case!

  • mini first aid kit or supplies (bandaids, thermometer, Neosporin, etc.)

  • Small flashlight or headlamp

  • Tennis shoes

  • Flip-flops

  • Small bag or backpack for daily excursions

  • Sunglasses

  • Refillable Water Bottle

  • Yoga mat (not necessary unless you want your own -- they have plenty!)

  • At least 2 books to read

  • Camera (if you want something other than your phone)

  • AirPods of headphones of some sort

  • Chargers, cords, any other tech supplies

  • Any specific healthy snacks you might want

  • Passport and relevant travel documents (another ID perhaps)

  • Credit card(s) & cash (I plan to bring $300-500 in USD)

  • A NEW journal and some of your favorite pens/pencils*** IMPORTANT!!!

  • 1 picture of yourself as a child***IMPORTANT!!!

  • A few pictures of significant people/pets in your life, including of ancestors and family members who have passed.***IMPORTANT!!

  • OPTIONAL: Something to wear in each of the following colors - green, blue, purple and white. This can be jewelry, a shirt or dress, or even comfy pants.  If you've retreated with me before, you know we touch in on the chakras.  DREAM focuses on the upper or spiritual chakras that coincide with these colors.  Can be fun to wear something of each color on particular days, but NOT NECESSARY!  Only if it sounds fun.

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