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You have my word

Incredible Soul,

I hope you luxuriated in your holidays.

As we launch into a new year, I want to reaffirm my commitment to you.

One of the wildest things about publishing a book is I have to firmly claim who, and what I am so it can be displayed on Amazon, my book jacket, and other relevant sites.

I can no longer just say "I host retreats." The world yearns for us to concretize ourselves.

It's tricky because like you, most titles don't hold me. I play so many roles.

I've tried business owner - but that has never resonated. Yes, I am that. But I have a more creative/artistic flair.

I've tried coach. I LOVE working one-on-one with folks. So, I am also that. But I think there is an inherent problem with the concept of "life coach." Who is anyone to coach you on your life?

Yes, I go in deep with people to co-create experiences and help identify disempowering patterns to crack; my background is in educational psychology. I hold mirrors and ask important questions. I can help people up-level their psychology and find their power.

But life coach implies a hierarchy about your precious life that I don't believe is legitimate.

I think I prefer spiritual sister. But can you imagine the looks I'd get if I put that on my biz card?

I've tried writer. Yes. I am deeply that. But even there, I am out in the world, too. A recluse at times, but lit up by the spiritual quest of humans.

Where I always land is TEACHER.

It is the title that has always resonated with me. Because every good teacher knows that embedded in the concept of teacher is that of STUDENT.

I am, and will always be a humble student of how to live well.

I want you to know that I continue to read, evolve, experiment, fail, try again, push boundaries and ask questions in the name of growth, transformation, and wellness so that I can share any nuggets I find with YOU.

You have my word. In every retreat I offer, Soul Session I share, book I write, or yoga class I teach, I will share the latest and greatest information that I find. I will continue to rework, change and update experiences with your growth in mind.

In light of that, I'd like to introduce you to my new website

I'm delighted to share it with you. It better represents the updated work I share with the world.

She Glows Retreats now falls under the Brie Doyle umbrella. While women will always be the heart of my offerings, I am delighted to offer retreats and Soul Sessions to men and all folks.

I'd love for you to take a look and share.

Thank you for your connection and commitment to your own evolution.

I hope to get to share in transformation with you in 2021.


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