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Mental Health During Coronavirus

As our world continues to manage Coronavirus, it's important we stay on top of what we can control. Many of have been in our homes for many weeks now. If we're not sick, we may be feeling anxious, bored or antsy.

Check out this week's blog: THREE TIPS TO MANAGE MENTAL HEALTH to keep yourself mentally well during this uncertain time.

1. FOCUS --

What are you focusing on?

Are you watching/reading the media constantly? Are you lamenting the gym membership you can no longer use? Are you frustrated by the work that's not getting done? Or are you sick, and fearful that your situation may take a turn for the worse?

Where we place our mental energy is what grows in our lives. I had to unsubscribe myself from the New York Times for the present moment. Having the latest horrifying statistics in my inbox as the first email I saw each morning was informative, but set the tone for a fearful day.

If we place our mental energies instead on what might come as a result of this time - more time with family, a greater appreciation for the grocery store, delivery and medical people, spending less money on fruitless things, remembering that our body can heal itself, etc., then we'll feel more in control.


If you're feeling mentally crappy and are not sick, there is one immediate way to change this:


Shelter-in-place orders make our typical exercise and social routines impossible. But our body still desperately needs to move. Get outside. Walk around. Jump up and down. Do a yoga or exercise class online with regularity.

Don't let our necessary external restrictions eliminate your internal needs. If you're feeling down and out, elevate your energy by moving the body. When we move our bodies, we release endorphins that can change our entire state.

You will absolutely return with a fresh perspective.


This is a nuance that's often hard to pick up unless we pay close attention. How are we framing this experience, verbally?

When people ask how are you doing, do you launch into how annoying it is that your kids are all over you? This is hard on them, too. They didn't choose it, and are watching and listening to our every comment. Do you say "I'm going crazy," "my partner is driving me nuts," or "I'm just so fearful?"

Sure, feeling this at times is normal. But the more we verbally express it, the more we perpetuate that reality.

Take a minute and think of what you'll say next time someone asks: "How are you holding up?" Sometimes it takes practice to break out of dramatic language patterns. We like to be humorous or garner attention, even unknowingly. But we'll better support ourselves if we can find ways to have our language support us, too.

Wishing you and yours health. May we all remember what really matters to us through this experience.





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