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End of Summer #INSPO

I LOVE to share my latest sources of inspiration. For this week's blog post, I'd like to wrap the summer up by sharing what knocked my socks off this summer. I hope you can find something you enjoy!

1. THE LAST DANCE -- SHOW -- If you haven't watched this Netflix documentary, drop everything. Whether or not you are a fan of Michael Jordan and basketball is nearly irrelevant. For me, watching the psychology of a man at his level is absolutely incredible. Seeing how he responds to adversity, criticism and fame is something we ALL can learn from. His mental fortitude is unparalleled. Get going on it now. 2. LIFESPAN by David A. Sinclair-- BOOK-- This book is about how AGING is a disease. AND Sinclair, a Harvard geneticist, argues we can avoid it. Can you imagine?!? I'm not gonna lie, this book is a beefy one. For the science minded, it's right up your alley. For the rest of us, hang in there through the beginning. Detail gets down to the molecule. But I wanted this information so desperately, I stayed with it. Here are 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW that Sinclair suggests will set back the clock:

  • FOCUS ON PLANTS - Populations living the longest eat LESS meat than their peers. This doesn't necessarily mean NO meat. Just focus on primarily plants.

  • TEMPERATURE CHANGE - Exposing our bodies to extreme temperatures (cold OR hot) are scientifically proven to build endurance in the body. Take a freezing cold shower, sit in a sauna. Find some way to challenge your body's "normal."

  • EAT LESS FOOD - A study of Okanawans suggests that they live longer and eat less than mainland Japanese folks. Find a way to cut down, cut out a meal or experiment with *healthy* caloric restriction.

  • FAST - Fasting leads to longer telomeres and an increase in NAD, which means longer life. There are MILLIONS of ways to fast - intermittent fasting, multi-day fasting for periods of time, one day per week fasting. And there are varying benefits for different length. Research is clear: periods of fasting turn on our longevity genes.

    • If you are serious about longevity and would like guidance with your fast, join our PURIFY Retreat NOW!

3. ARMCHAIR EXPERT WITH DAX SHEPARD & TOM BRADY -- PODCAST -- A theme for me seems to be athletes right now, but sometimes there are no better people to teach us about pushing beyond our comfort zone than those who do it for a living.

This interview with Tom Brady was both sweet and inspiring. One of my favorite things he said was that he always tells his kids that "it's more important to do YOUR best than THE best." Spoken from "the best," I think we better listen!

A lot of great reminder from someone who models to us all that limitations are meant to be broken.

May the change of the season leave you feeling inspired.




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