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A Personal Announcement

In Yellowstone with the fam

Dear friend,

Having you in this community means so much to me. I love learning about the latest in inner wellness and I know you do too. It's an honor to share in this passion with you. Thank you for being here.

This spring and summer brings with it some exciting new plans for myself and my family. We have decided to move to Bozeman, MT. Our plan is to go for a year to check it out.

I've been operating out of Boulder, CO. - my hometown, since the inception of She Glows Retreats. We've lived here (this time) since 2004 when my husband and I moved back from NYC. It's been a wonderful place for my family and my mission to flourish and grow.

And now, we are feeling called to "change the pattern," as I talk about in my retreats and in my book.

For us, the pandemic created a yearning for something new. We're feeling pulled to be on more land, and Big Sky country feels like just the right place. We found an incredible spot on 20 acres of land with a pond. We can't wait to let our kids, our dog, and our hearts run wild in a new environment. We're excited to see how we grow and what inspirations come as a result changing our setting.

Thankfully, my work will continue. I'll be back in Colorado in October 2022 to host the IGNITE Retreat in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains by the hot springs in Crestone. And all my other retreats will continue as normal. Of course, I'll still be active on my blog, doing Soul Sessions via Zoom, courses, on social media, and working on my next book.

But I wanted to update you. I so appreciate your support.

So this week, here's to taking risks. Here's to dreaming big and doing the thing that is inconvenient, but makes you come ALIVE. Here's to choosing inspiration over stagnation, big or small, whatever that looks like in your world.

We risk everything if we risk nothing.

Here's to all of our risks and dreams. May we have the courage to step towards them.

So thankful for you.

Goofing around in downtown Bozeman.


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