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Women Who AWAKEN..


Happy Wednesday. I want you to see how retreat transforms your spirit. I want you to hear from the AWAKENED and understand what they have to say.

I know some of you are on the fence about going on retreat.

It "sounds nice" or "not now, maybe next year." As if retreating is a fancy pair of shoes you might one day buy for yourself.

But if you knew the truths you could find about yourself, the growth you'd have in one week of work that would normally take years to attain, you might decide not to put off your retreat.

Take a look below and hear what conscious women are saying about their retreats:

"My time on retreat in Costa Rica changed my life, all for the better. Forever and ever..." - ADRA

"The retreat reminded me of the importance of sisterhood, as well as my own divine feminine energy, which is tragically masked through excelling in corporate life..."


"I find it hard to describe how transformative this experience was. Brie helps us uncover breakthroughs I didn't even know I could have..." -PATT

"After coming home from retreat, I've made so many small changes in my day to day life that have made a huge difference in how happy and present I am..." -ALLIE

"This retreat helped me realize the strengths I had, but never knew..." -CAROL

"After my retreat, I feel more grounded in myself and connected to my spiritual practice..." -JEWEL

For full testimonials

So, fellow conscious sisters, we are a part of a movement.

Will you join us?

In the uprising of #GirlPower, we are reminded that true strength and connection comes from within. We women must model this for the world.

And it is only by making space to go within that we reconnect with our endless source of Divinity.

Here's to your Awakening.




Ready to get serious?


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