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🍋3 Reasons to Cleanse🍊

Happy Friday, y'all!

By now you know that we've launched our new retreat: PURIFY in Steamboat Springs, CO, May 16-19, 2019.

I also just finished a 3 day juice cleanse, myself. So, I am even more fired up about the power of cleansing, and ready to share it with the world.

Before you poo-poo cleansing and say it's not for you, take a look at these 3 reasons why you might want to reconsider...

1. Health Benefits are Pouring In! Literally...

Sadly, in our medical culture today, many doctors will recommend medication for living our best lives before they'll even suggest updating our behavior, including eating/drinking habits.

But it's hard to refute what science shows about the benefits of cleansing our bodies.

A study done by the National Institute of Aging suggests that fasting can increase life span after doing a study in mice. Furthermore, "fasting has been shown to improve biomarkers of disease, reduce oxidative stress and preserve learning and memory functioning, according to Mark Mattson, senior investigator for the National Institute on Aging, part of the US National Institutes of Health." (More)

Beyond the above, fasting has been shown to repair cell function, be beneficial for heart health, increase energy, and it may even help prevent cancer (More).

Wanna feel great in your body, and add a few years onto your life? Consider adding regular cleansing to your self-care rituals.

2. Realigns Our Habitual Nature

These days, food has become more than just nourishment. It's an emotional attachment. Even if we don't believe we have unhealthy habits with food (eating too much sugar, overindulging in caffeine or alcohol, eating more than we need, etc.) it's easy to unconsciously use food to fill other needs in our lives.

Stressed out? Eat some chocolate or a handful of chips. Want to feel more confident? Have another drink. Holiday time? Let's stuff our faces together.

One of the most potent benefits of fasting is the illumination of our non-beneficial habit patterns. What times of day do our cravings hit the hardest? (For me it's around 4pm -- I learned this on my recent fast). What emotions make us turn to food? Is it anger, sleepiness, or depression? And are we really eating out of NEED or some deeper, unmet desire?

Fasting exposes all of this to us.

If we yearn to live from our highest expression and not just be controlled by our habitual nature, taking a break from food allows us the chance to realign and be led by spirit as opposed to controlled by unconscious patterns.

3. Animals and ancient traditions alike knew the power of fasting.

To fast is not to deprive, rather, it means to hold strong. It is a personal practice of self-discipline.

One of my favorite observations while being in Morocco recently was how locals ate. Each of our guides would eat complete meals. But never would they snack, as is so common here.

Furthermore, one of our guides spoke at length about Ramadan, which is the month in the Islamic culture during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset.

He told us that sure, there were religious roots in the practice. But also, it was an exercise in self-actualization. "Our culture stresses that to have a sluggish body that frequently overindulges is good for nothing," he said. "Health is an important motivator of our fasting practices."


Think about it, there is not an animal or ancient culture on the planet who do not take breaks from food. Additionally, can you think of a system anywhere in the world that doesn't benefit from breaks, lapses and down time? I sure can't.

Our digestive system is no different. Give her a break!

So there you have it, incredible women. Have a great weekend and happy future fasting!




Cleansing is easier if when we have accountability buddies. Wanna join the dynamic group of women we have forming for a cleanse just before summer hits?

May 16-19, 2019

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