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Placencia, Belize


Reimagining the Second Half of a Woman's Life

February 17-24, 2024

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If you are a peri, menopausal, or post-menopausal woman interested in reimagining the narrative around your value, power, and meaning in the second half of your life, then join Brie in beautiful Placencia, Belize for EMERGE

February 17-24, 2024.  

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the ocean just footsteps away from your bungalow.  You wander outside to dip your toes into the clear water and greet the sun with a deep, rejuvenating breath.  You are HERE.  Paradise.


You cross the sand to your morning yoga and meditation class privately nestled between the palm trees.  After your practice, feeling great in your body and soul, you meander over to the beach cafe for your tropical smoothie, coffee, or omelette of choice before heading to your Heart Curriculum workshop.


It is during these Heart Curriculum workshops where your journey of reclamation begins, one of remembered sovereignty, power, and celebration.  One where you are honored for being exactly who you are meant to be: a guide, a sage, a tradition bearer and wisdom holder in your family or community.  But most importantly an authority on yourself.

With each passing day, through carefully curated practices, ceremonies, rituals, contemplative work, ocean excursions and ample space, you relax a bit more.  It's been ages since you've felt this grounded, aligned, and alive. 


After a sacred ceremony under the stars, by the light of the moon, you retire to your luxurious room with your manual, your book, and your journal where you lie finally at ease with the world, but most importantly, with yourself. 


You can't shake the feeling that you were called to be here, exactly where you are, right now.  

You are here for a reason.  You now know exactly why.

Ah, the secrets that a sacred retreat holds!


What is possible by the end of this journey?

At the close of our week together, you will feel more at home with yourself than you have in years - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You'll feel overjoyed to live and honor this transitional stage in your life.

You not only feel like the best version of yourself, you are deeply connected to your soul and ready to share your newfound frequency with everyone around you.

You are rested, inspired, connected, rooted and calm.  You smile more, laugh more, appreciate the little things.


You've felt this before.  But it took stepping away to find it again.  You're so glad you did.


People at home comment once you return.  Are you eating something different?  Is it what you're reading?

But you know, it goes much deeper than this.  As all women in the second half of life know, when we take care of ourselves, we more positively influence everyone around us.  You have reconnected with your power, your creativity, your sensuality and your spirit. 


Finally, you feel full again.


So why should you join us?

Because it is your time.  If not now, when?  For how many years have you given everything you are to your family, your partner, your community or work place?  For how many years have you been told, by yourself and others, that your very purpose is to bolster others?  How many times have you put yourself behind the needs of everyone around you?

Menopause, and the time leading up to, and beyond, offers an opportunity for a profound energetic shift in the life of a woman.  But only if we are bold enough to let it guide us in this way to our sovereignty.

It is during this time that we can start to take back our power, reclaim renewed spiritual depth and confidence in our creativity, and emerge into the goddess guides we are meant to be.

Never before has our world needed the gentle guidance of the wise woman more.  But this can only come if you honor your own phoenix story, if you at first make space for the your essence to rise.


It's time to remember your wisdom, power, creativity and connectedness. 


It is time to EMERGE.

Luxury Spa
My Heart Says Yes...
Tropical Beach
Why Placencia?

From the turquoise Caribbean Sea, to the mangrove swamps, to the pristine jungle and mysterious Maya Mountains, there is something in Belize to quench the thirst of every wellness explorer.

Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea, Belize has only recently made its mark within the world of global travel.  As seekers continue to discover and explore its endless opportunities, this stunning country continues to grow, surprise and delight.


Placencia Peninsula, where Naia Resort & Spa rests, is a long strip of land that divides the Caribbean Sea from the Placencia Lagoon. Surrounded by beach and mangrove wetlands, the area was originally settled in by the ancient Maya and is the latest destination for remote, luxury travel.


In recent history, Placencia was known as a small fishing village.  But now many residents are actively involved in tourism, with diving, snorkeling, fishing, jungle adventures and wellness experiences being high on the menu.

It's the perfect undiscovered paradise for relaxation and transformation.

The Venue

Nestled within a private 200-acre reserve on the Placencia Peninsula, Naia Resort & Spa is an intimate, natural playground that sets the stage for uncommon adventures and personal growth.

Placencia is regarded as having the best white sand beaches in Belize.  Cleverly tucked in amongst the trees are 35 beachfront houses, offering you the right mix of seclusion and ocean views. Everywhere you turn there is an opportunity to spot local wildlife or head out on the water in search of marine life.

Naïa takes its name from Naiad, the Greek word for a type of female spirit most associated with fountains, springs, streams, wells, and other freshwater sources. When you walk across the property and head towards the spa area of Naïa, you'll immediately understand why the name applies.


Whether paddle-boarding in the beautiful Caribbean Sea snorkeling off the pier, indulging in a customized spa ritual, or relaxing among the resort’s secluded beach houses and swimming pools, the opportunities for discovery are endless.

Image by Anna Pelzer
The Food

To start, enjoy tropical fruits and salads with local produce: freshly grated beets, sweet potato, carrots, sprouts of all kinds, seeds and homemade dressings, watermelon, papaya and more.  Yum!   

You'll also find an array of hot and refreshing cold soups, an excellent selection of warm veggies, organic chicken, fish, beef and vegan options.  Organic wine and artisanal beer are available for purchase with your dinner.

Can't eat this or that?  Vegetarian?  Vegan?  Gluten Free?  No dairy?  No problem.  Naia Resort & Spa is used to accommodating for all dietary needs and ready for your requests at the highest American standards.  

Our last night, we'll celebrate by sharing dinner and drinks together on the beach with a show put on by local performers.  Order ceviche, yummy salads, freshly caught fish, or a burger while gazing out at the ocean at sunset right next to the ocean.  

Sample Schedule

The daily schedule is designed with the intention to leave time open for your own particular interests. Whether that includes paddle-boarding or taking a nap in your bungalow, our hope is that you have plenty of space to take your retreat experience at your own pace and settle into your own rhythm.

  • 7:30am-9:00am — Morning rise yoga & meditation

  • 9:00am — Breakfast

  • 10:00am-1:00pm —  Heart Curriculum Workshop

  • 1:00pm — Lunch

  • 2:00pm-5:00pm — Free Time/Soul Sessions/Excursions/Shopping

  • 5:15pm — Sunset gather and meditation on the pier

  • 6:30pm — Dinner

  • 7:30pm-9:00pm — End of day circle, ritual and ceremony

My Soul is Ready to Go!
More about our Curriculum...

In the West, culture portrays the second half of a woman's life as a time of decline.  At this retreat we will challenge this narrative while exploring this new territory and preparing ourselves for yet another searing transformation.


Menopause is a time between stories, a time when old stories fade and a new story waits to emerge.  It's a time when we stand on the precipice of a spiritual shift that ultimately leads to elderhood.  It is a time essential for the contemplative work of gaining new perspective on our life, of challenging and evolving culture narratives as well as our own belief systems, of exploring our calling, uncovering meaning, and healing what has yet to be tended.

EMERGE is a celebration of menopause and of the second half of a woman's life, as the sacred, alchemical threshold it is meant to be.  We honor the energetic and spiritual significance of this chapter, as we step through a new portal into full self-ownership.  Finally.

OMG...Me, Me, Me!
This journey is TOTALLY for you if you...
  • You’re nearing menopause and looking for inspiration for navigating this transformative, alchemical journey.

  • You’re already well into your elderhood, and would like to explore your continuing journey more deeply.

  • You’re a younger woman who’d like to plan for the journey ahead of you.

  • You’re interested in exploring neglected aspects of the archetypal feminine.

  • Desire more space for yourself

  • Want a break from distractions

  • Are looking for a place for personal reflection, relaxation & affirmation 

  • Are seeking inspiration

  • Are open to sharing in conscious community

over ocean bungalow.jpeg
Meditating on the Beach
This journey is not for you if...
  • Aren't open to inner work and examining your beliefs

  • You are predominantly seeking a tour or Belize

  • Socializing and partying are your main desire

  • New connections, personal growth and major breakthroughs bore you

Image by Sean O.
The Bonuses



  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip – and of course swap photos!

  • Pre-Trip Newsletters – beginning 2 months prior to trip with details and tips for our time together!

  • Brie's Soul Sessions at a discounted price while on retreat.

  • Clarity Call - A pre-trip call with Brie to discuss your intentions for your retreat.

  • Access to the Brie's Skillful Transitions program – Brie's post-retreat follow up program that details how to get the most out of your week long retreat after you return home!

  • A She Glows Retreats Gift Bag - we seriously give the BEST gift bags ever!

What's Included
  • Luxury accommodations at Naia Resort & Spa for 7 nights/8 days

  • 7 solid days of Heart Curriculum Workshops, guided meditations, ceremonies, rituals and check in's all week

  • Daily Rise & Shine yoga classes

  • Daily meditation, energy work, and breath work instruction

  • 3 organically sourced, delicious meals per day for entire stay

  • Our signature Heart Curriculum Workbook

  • Full access to onsite pools, use of paddle boards, snorkels, and all yoga equipment

  • A She Glows Retreats tank and gift bag

spa 3.jpeg
Image by AARN GIRI
What's Not Included
  • Your roundtrip airfare from home to Belize City (BZE)

  • Hopper flight from Belize City to Naia Resort ($285 - to be added upon check out, we handle this for you) 

  • 10% Belize Hotel Tax

  • Hotel Service Charges

  • Spa Services

  • Libations or any outside excursions

I'm SO coming with you!

About Brie...

Brie has worn many hats that inform her role as your hostess: teacher, yoga teacher, facilitator, tour guide, writer and mom.  Core to her beliefs is that we are each our own greatest teacher so long as we continue to evolve.  Brie’s main objective is to create the causes and conditions for self-discovery.  She believes that while we can absolutely learn and be inspired by one another, our greatest work must be done alone.  She believes that if a woman has a positive shift in consciousness, an entire community benefits.

A retreat specialist, Brie’s is the author of the book You Should Leave Now, that details everything a woman needs to know about retreating.  Brie's strengths lie in curricular development, skillful facilitation, creating meaningful ritual, and connection with intuition.  A devout meditator and yoga practitioner for nearly twenty years, Brie believes these practice (and like practices) to be at the cornerstone of mental and emotional health.  Based on years of taking solo retreats herself, she has designed a course that will elicit transformation for a woman in any stage of life as she detaches herself from back home and embodies her new surroundings, both internal and external.    

Her greatest wish is that you return home renewed, inspired and able to share your glow with all those around you. 

Denise, age 59

Words cannot convey the awesomeness of this experience. Brie is a master at weaving a retreat for women that connects heart, spirit, mind and body. Her plan for participants allows one to open as much as comfortable, experience breakthroughs in a safe space and to connect with self and others to awaken the true person inside. Her intention extends from the learning opportunities to the environment to the food offered. You find yourself enveloped in a total experience which makes room for growth, grace and gratitude. The best part, all of this can be drawn into ones everyday life, resulting in a true retreat and re-entry. I highly recommend the She Glows Retreats for anyone who recognizes the importance of self care and evolution.

Ayu Saraswati 2018.jpg
Ayu, age 45

Brie is truly a brilliant teacher! She thoughtfully designed activities and executed them in ways that touched the core of your being. You will become a whole new person or goddess, take your pick!

Patricia, age 72

I find it hard to describe how transformative this experience with Brie was. She shows us the way, makes it safe by sharing her own vulnerability, and allows us the space to do our own work. Her wisdom is beyond her years and her spunk and sassiness make it very contemporary.   Brie helps us continue on our path to breakthroughs I didn’t even know I could have. I want to tell everyone I know to attend her retreats!

One last message from Brie...

Dear Incredible Woman,


I know it is hard to leave.  Believe me, I've used every reason myself for why not to go on retreat.  But in all the retreats I've taken, I've never regretted a single one.


The truth is, every single retreat has something new to teach me that I only discover because I took the time away.  Retreating is the best way I've found to really know myself and my deepest intentions.  It's my most meaningful form of self-care.


I know you do EVERYTHING for those around you.  I know how much you give because it is in a woman's nature to give of herself.  


I hope you consider taking this time to give to yourself now.  You absolutely deserve it.  I'd be honored to have and celebrate you.


With love,


I'll See You in Paradise
Image by Chris Ensey
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